Friday, October 15, 2010

Free Money for Schools!

Our PTA has become quite adept at seeking FREE MONEY for our students. The programs we use are:

BOXTOPS for Education We raised over $3,000 last year from this program.

Safeway takes part in the Escrip Program and with their 10% Back to School Program, we raised over $5000 last year.

Aside from Safeway, we recieved another $1000 from the Escrip program itself which includes sales from Amazon, Burger King, and a large listing of local small businesses who give us 2-10% of the purchase prices of those who are signed up for the Escrip program.

If you are doing your math, we raised $9000, probably closer to $10,000 last year in FREE MONEY for our PTA, meaning that our parents raised it purely by making the purchases they would make anyway!

Other programs include: Campbell's Soup Labels for Education Program, Company Matching Programs (we have raised several thousands of dollars from companies that our parents work for such as, Nike, Intel, Wells Fargo, McAfee, and more! See if your company matches donations!) Target RedCard Program (they have paid out a total of $273 Million since 1997!)

The PTA pays for "Extras" meaning, they pay for things that your school can not afford. Our purchases have included: All Field Trips, All Assembly Performances, a Track, Playground Equipment, "Teacher Checks" which help to reimburse what they buy for their classroom out of pocket, Books for the "Walk to Read" Program, an up to date Sound System for the Gym, a class set of laptops for our 5th graders, we will be replacing 15 computers in the computer lab this year. These are items that the School District would not/could not replace and was brought to the school by the PTA.

See how you can help your school raise FREE MONEY today! It's your child that you are helping!

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